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Get Elizabeth Sabine's Secrets Of Voice Strengthening With The Elizabeth Sabine Complete Works Bundle! 

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What You Get In The Elizabeth Sabine Complete Works Bundle:

  • 1
    Book: Strengthening Your Singing Voice (digital version) - $12.95
    How to use "the harsh, ugly voice of a fishwife" to build vocal power! Learn how to use anger to sing with better control and style!
  • 2
    Books: Sing Out Loud Series Books 1-4 (digital version) - $25.99
    This series of books is a collaboration between Elizabeth's students, Jaime Vendera and Ann Loader McGee. These books break down Elizabeth's and Jaime's methods into easy-to-grasp concepts and exercises for children and teen singers. (And adults will find these helpful too!)
  • 3
    Video: Strengthening Your Voice For Speaking And Singing - $20.00
    In this 85-minute video, Elizabeth covers breath support, projection, and releasing "mental blocks" that inhibit vocal development and expression.
  • 4
    Audio: The Official Elizabeth Sabine Warmup - $20.00
    In this 28-minute audio, Elizabeth guides you through her approach to adding power through your vocal warmup!
  • 5
    Audio: A Lecture With Elizabeth Sabine - $20.00
    In this rare recording, Elizabeth talks about how to have a more authoritative and impressive speaking voice!
  • 6
    Audio: Sabine's Secrets of Voice Strengthening - $20.00
    According to Elizabeth (and her teacher), every person is born with the capability of at least a three-octave vocal range. Learn how in this special master class!
  • 7
    Audio: Unleash The Passion In Your Singing Voice - $20.00
    In this recording, Elizabeth explains how vocal sound is produced using more of the body than just the vocal cords. Then, she'll teach you exercises for building vocal strength!
  • 8
    Audio: The Sabine Rock Voice - $20.00
    In this audio, Elizabeth covers special considerations and additional thoughts and techniques for rock singers! Rock singing places special demands on the voice.

About the Author

Hollywood Voice-Strengthening Specialist Elizabeth Sabine has spent a lifetime teaching vocal skills to rock singers from bands like Guns N' Roses, 38 Special, Men At Work, Keel, and Giant as well as actors such as Chuck Norris and Elizabeth Shue and vocal coaches Jaime Vendera and Cara Mastrey.

Elizabeth explains the usual sources of vocal fatigue and describes how to overcome these common problems that have cost some singers and actors their careers.

She completely explains a simple system of turning your voice into energy and creating vocal power.

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