Sing Better Fast! | – Page 14 – Sing Better, Higher, and Stronger! Sing Better Fast Podcast

Episode 14: Inspiring Yourself Through Branding and Emulation

In this episode, we share some ideas and approaches to developing your skills as a vocalist and as a performer. Brand yourself and present the image you want the world to see, and learn from other successful artists.

Episode 13: Does Practice Make Perfect?

Does practice make perfect? Something we’ve all heard a lot, but is it true?

Episode 12: ONE Miracle Exercise To Rule Them All?

Is there ONE vocal exercise, that if you do it and only it, will make you reach your vocal goals? Find out here!

Episode 11: Instant Gratification vs. Mastery

For a lot of singers, this is THE biggest barrier to finally getting what they want out of their voices. This requires a shift in thinking.