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69: Songwriting Tips!

Podcast with Claude LaRoche, one of the VVA staff who runs the Fellow Songwriters Workshop! Also joining us on this podcast is Ryan Wall. Ryan has released several albums and is a partner with Jaime Vendera in the Angel Fire East project. Tune in and learn about the songwriting process from Claude, Ryan, and Jaime!

68: From Frustration To Freedom

Why do singers struggle to improve, even after years of study? Find out in this episode.

67: Brian Burkheiser of I Prevail

Interview with Brian Burkheiser of the band I Prevail!

Hear Brian’s story of how he started his band, his initial success in music, his vocal injury, his vocal recovery, and his latest album!

New album TRAUMA out now! Touring all across the US and Europe this Spring/Summer! Check them out at

66: New Song by Chris Sandvig, Wait And See

New song by Chris Sandvig, Wait And See! Learn from his songwriting process, how he got his music on the radio, and his advice for beginners!

Chris’s social media links:

65: Fallen, New Song by Angel Fire East

NEW song by Angel Fire East, a new musical project from Jaime Vendera and Ryan Wall! Learn about the inspiration for the song, the songwriting process, how they record, their influences, and much more!