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66: New Song by Chris Sandvig, Wait And See

New song by Chris Sandvig, Wait And See! Learn from his songwriting process, how he got his music on the radio, and his advice for beginners!

Chris’s social media links:

65: Fallen, New Song by Angel Fire East

NEW song by Angel Fire East, a new musical project from Jaime Vendera and Ryan Wall! Learn about the inspiration for the song, the songwriting process, how they record, their influences, and much more!

64: Three Tips For Beginners!

Getting started with singing? Here are three tips from Ryan Wall and Ben Valen.

63: Multi-Tasking While Singing?

Podcast with singer and coach, Ryan Wall! Ryan tells us how to Sing Better Fast, and how he uses multi-tasking as a tool for vocal training.

62: Vocal Super Hero!

Suit up! How to become the super hero of your voice!