Sing Higher and Stronger in just FOUR WEEKS, without pain, strain, or hoarseness!

What You Get In The 4-Week Vocal Break Eraser

Vocal Break Eraser Component #1:
Vocal Break Eraser Handbook

In the handbook, you get:

  • An in-depth explanation of what the vocal break is, and what causes it

  • The “Vocal Break Detector” so you can identify exactly where your break is, so we can erase the break!

  • A detailed walkthrough of how to breathe, support, and place the voice for excellent Vocal Efficiency!

  • The five, most effective, yet simplest exercises in the world for developing Vocal Stability, quickly and easily! You don’t need to try hundreds of vocal exercises, I’ve already done that for you and given you the best ones!

  • The ONE exercise that is guaranteed to build Vocal Strength! (This exercise is often the “missing piece” from other vocal training programs that you need to build power!)

  • A step-by-step, day-by-day, week-by-week training plan that shows you exactly what to do when, so you are always growing and improving your voice!

Vocal Break Eraser Component #2:
Vocal Power Triad Video

In the Vocal Power Triad video, you will learn how to develop Vocal Efficiency through correct breathing technique, proper vocal support, and vocal placement so that your voice NEVER wears out or hurts after singing!

Vocal Break Eraser Component #3:
Vocal Exercises Video

In this video, I walk with you step-by-step to quickly stabilize and strengthen your voice so you can eliminate the breaks and cracks in your voice and sing with confidence and strength… in just four weeks!

Vocal Break Eraser Component #4:
Vocal Break Eraser Cheat Sheet

Use this short document while singing to remind you of the key points of safe, effective vocal technique!

Vocal Break Eraser Component #5:
Vocal Break Eraser Training Audios

Strengthen your voice by singing along to these simple training audios!

Vocal Break Eraser BONUS #1:
Singer's Survival Kit

The Singer’s Survival Kit is an audio and document that goes over the best vocal resources I know and have recommended to my professional touring musicians. In the Singer’s Survival Kit, you’ll find my best recommendations for vocal health products, vocal training devices, teas, supplements, and other resources to protect your voice. I’ve researched and tried hundreds of supplements, devices, drinks, and other products… And I’ve given you a list of the “best of the best” resources available!

Vocal Break Eraser BONUS #2:
Super Secret Special Singing Report

The Super Secret Special Singing Report is NOT just a laundry list of exercises. It is NOT a bunch of tips you've already heard before about breathing and hydration. This is not a repeat of the same information you've heard about vocal technique. Instead, this document consists of the OTHER, almost "hidden" aspects of what it TRULY takes to get vocal results fast!

There is nothing quite like this available to singers anywhere else right now.

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So go ahead. Get the program, watch the video training, read the vocal handbook, and use the training audios, download and listen to the Q&A recordings… and if the program doesn’t get your voice in the best shape of your life, just send me a quick email and we’ll give you all of your money back and part as friends! No harm, no foul. 🙂

And our refund rate is less than 2%... So that means over 98% of singers LOVE what they get in our courses! So the odds are in your favor my friend 🙂 Go ahead and sign up now, and sing higher than ever before in less than a month!