Sing Higher And Stronger In Just 24 Minutes A Day!

There are many problems singers face.

Problems like:

  • Not knowing what to practice
  • Not knowing how long to practice
  • Not knowing how often to practice
  • Not knowing which exercises to do and in what order
  • Having a hard time sticking to a vocal routine
  • Don't have the time

The V24 Program is designed to solve all of these challenges.

V24 is an extension program of Jaime Vendera's best-selling book, Raise Your Voice. This program expands on the original teachings of the book and provides a step-by-step, day-by-day, minute-by-minute vocal training plan.

What You Get In V24

V24 Component #1:
Vocal Training Documents

The V24 program is broken up into two phases. The first phase is 4 weeks, and the second phase is 3 weeks. These seven weeks match the training plan recommended in the Raise Your Voice book.

In the training documents, we cover what is in each phase, and what you need to do each week.

V24 Component #2:
Vocal Workout Tracker

This is a printable PDF that you can use to track your vocal workouts. Don't worry, it's very easy to use!

V24 Component #3:
Frequently Asked Questions Document

This is a short document that covers 21 questions and answers about the program and vocal exercises!

V24 Component #4:
Walkthrough and Tips Video

In this video, we cover the purpose of the program, how to get the best results, how to do the vocal exercises, and how to stay on track!

V24 Component #5:
Weekly Audios

You get one audio per week of Jaime helping you get started and stay on track!

(Note: These are NOT vocal audios to sing along with. The V24 program does not include sing-along audios. The notes a singer should use for these exercises depend on the singer, and are outlined in the Raise Your Voice book included in the program.)

Raise Your Voice Component #1:
Raise Your Voice eBook

This is Jaime's "life's work" book the covers breathing, support, placement, vocal health, vocal exercises, musical expression, and physiology.

This 400-page book is key to the V24 program.

Raise Your Voice Component #2:
Raise Your Voice audios

Listen to these audios to get a more in-depth, expansive view of vocal technique and these vocal exercises.

There are 87 audio files for you to listen to. There are another 19 bonus vocal exercise audio files.

V24 Bonus: Vocal Success Strategies Video + Notes

A MASSIVE video to help you get on track and stay on track with singing, now and into the future. You will LOVE this!

V24 Bonus: The Ultimate Vocal Warmup

This is Jaime's highly popular vocal warmup program. Just under 15 minutes long, this short warmup will get you prepared for a productive vocal workout session!

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So go ahead. Get the program, watch the video training, read the vocal handbook, and use the training audios, download and listen to the Q&A recordings… and if the program doesn’t get your voice in the best shape of your life, just send me a quick email and we’ll give you all of your money back and part as friends! No harm, no foul. 🙂

And our refund rate is less than 2%... So that means over 98% of singers LOVE what they get in our courses! So the odds are in your favor my friend 🙂 Go ahead and sign up now, and sing higher than ever before in less than a month!