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One-Month Free Trial to the Vendera Vocal Academy!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #1:
The Motivated Vocalist Newsletter

This is our weekly members-only newsletter where we cover vocal technique tips, practice routines, vocal health, productivity and mindset concepts, and more!

Many of our members and students tell us they look forward to the newsletter every Monday!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #2:
Personalized Vocal Critiques

Once per month, you can send in a video or audio to get personalized feedback from Jaime! Keep your critique private, or share it with our other students!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #3:
Critique Library

If you submit audio or a video for critique, your submission and our comments are private.

You can choose to share your critique with the rest of the students in Vendera Vocal Academy.

Right now, there are over 150+ Vocal Critique recordings available for you to listen to and learn from in the Critique Library!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #4:
Live Group Training Sessions

At least once per month, we get on a live group training call with all of our members. We go over any questions you have about singing, do vocal demonstrations, and more!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #5:
Lesson Video Vault

You get access to over 60+ HOURS of our Live Group Training Session recordings!

Vendera Vocal Academy Benefit #6:
Student Discounts

We have special deals on private voice lessons and other resources we make available through partner companies.

More Vendera Vocal Academy Benefits!

  • The four-week "Vocal Crash Course" in the first month of membership!
  • The "Singer's Vocalade" Recipe!
  • A video series called "Find Your Unique Voice" to help you discover your own style!
  • A video series called "Super Simple Recording" so you can record and release your first song!
  • And much more!

After your free one-month trial, your membership subscription is a special discounted rate of only $67 $37 per month!

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